• Vol 13 No 2 (2017)

    This article abridgedly presents the key theoretical aspects of project management, the state of affair of foreign libraries using project management as seen in the specialized scientific literature from the last few years, and, last, but not least, an attempt to establish the degree of use of project management in Romanian libraries at the moment of 2015 by the means of an interview guide and a netnographical research of one of the Romanian professional online platforms, Biblos (Elena Cătălina Rojișteanu)

    Is there a way that the tablet guard in a Babylonian library from 700 BC, the armarius that took care of the VIII century cathedral-school library from York and the director of academic resources belonging a university would recognize each other as belonging to the same profession? The main goal the article is to oversee the development of the library management, using several objectives as viewing it through different perspectives (Corneliu Făgărășan)

    Open licensing (...) leads to building a more permissive exploitation framework, observing the wishes and both patrimonial and moral rights of the author. In order to understand its purpose or, better to say, the effects that open licensing produces, it is necessary to clarify some aspects that make these alternatives possible. (Ionela Maria Bârsan)



  • Vol 13 No 1 (2017)

    The Romanian Library Association started publishing Revista Română de Biblioteconomie și Știința Informării / Romanian Journal of Library and Information Science (RRBSI) in 2005, as a quarterly journal, with thematic issues. Since then, RRBSI has been one of the main academic journals in the field of library and information science, in the Romanian publishing landscape. Looking to extend its addressability and to increase the number of potential readers, in 2010 RRBSI became bilingual, all articles being published both in Romanian and English. The editorial board was also extended, including specialists from other countries. With this issue, the first of 2017, the Romanian Journal of Library and Information Science enters a new era. There are some major changes that we want to share to our readers. (...) Given the similarities regarding the history and development of South-East European libraries, the journal will focus on publishing studies regarding the theory and practice of librarianship in the countries pertaining to this geographical area. In order to support this new direction, the Editorial Board now includes professors and specialists in our field of interest from Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Moldavia, Turkey, but also from France and Spain. However, this approach centred on South-East European experiences is not exclusive and other topics may be covered. (Excerpt from `"A New Start" - Editors' Note) 

  • Aspecte ale biblioteconomiei românești = Aspects of Romanian librarianship
    Vol 12 No 3-4 (2016)

    Issue coordinated by prof. univ. dr. Mircea Regneală

    Am inclus în acest număr, care cu greu se poate subsuma unei teme unitare, articole pe subiecte diferite. Ceea ce le unește este însă actualitatea. Azi cred că acest lucru este de importanță majoră pentru cei interesați de progresul profesia noastre. De-a lungul anilor, revista noastră a abordat variate teme, aproape toate temele majore ale biblioteconomiei actuale, evidențiind îndeosebi experimentele sau realizările contemporane în știința bibliotecii din diferite țări, în ideea de a ține cititorii la curent cu ce e nou în profesie. Uneori acest lucru s-a făcut fără a se acorda o atenție similară situației de la noi. Nu avem încă o analiză temeinică a stadiului în care se află știința bibliotecii în România, văzută ca domeniu fundamental al științelor informării, poate cel mai bine articulat.

    I have included in this issue articles on different topics, which can hardly fit in a unifying theme, but the currentness of the papers is the common element. I strongly believe that for those of us who are interested in the progress of our profession, staying up-to-date is paramount. Over the years, our journal has addressed various topics, most of them being major topics of contemporary librarianship, highlighting the experiments and achievements in library science in different countries, with the aim to inform readers about the novelties in librarianship. Sometimes, we have not paid a similar attention to the situation in Romania. There is not a precise and thorough analysis of the status of library science in our country.

  • Noi tehnologii în bibliotecă = New technologies in the library
    Vol 12 No 2 (2016)

    Issue coordinated by prof. univ. dr. Mircea Regneală

    Cititorii noștri s-au obișnuit să găsească în paginile acestei reviste de biblioteconomie și știința informării, cu caracter academic, articole care se ocupă cu ultimele aspecte ale domeniului. În numărul de față, sub titlul Noi tehnologii în bibliotecă, continuăm această direcție, luând în discuție unele noutăți tehnice care se aplică sau se pot aplica în biblioteci.

    Our readers are accustomed to find articles dealing with the most recent aspects in the field, in this library and information science journal, of academic level. We continue this trend, in the present issue, under the title New techonologies in the library, emphasinng some technical novelties, which are applied or can be used, in libraries.

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