Library Management

an Overview of Its Past, Present, and Future

  • Corneliu Făgărășan Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
Keywords: library management, library history, library associations, digital library projects


In the light of understanding the complex process of developing a library and of the future of the field, this article proposes to capture the main elements of organizing libraries from the past and present, so that we can be able to develop a prognosis over the way they will look like. Is there a way that the tablet guard in a Babylonian library from 700 BC, the armarius that took care of the VIII century cathedral-school library from York and the director of academic resources belonging a university would recognize each other as belonging to the same profession? The main goal the article is to oversee the development of the library management, using several objectives as viewing it through different perspectives.

Keywords: library management; library history; library associations; digital library projects


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